Import Google Reader Feeds in Thunderbird

Sometime back I wrote a how-to on importing Gmail Contacts in Thunderbird. This is a similar quick steps on how to import GReader feeds in Thunderbird in order to control everything (Mail/Contacts/Feeds) centrally using one of the best (any my favourite) Open Source Email Client. I am assuming that you already have tons of subscription already setup in Google Reader (kind of obvious and this is why we are here Smile)

Lets get started with the steps and screen walkthroughs:

  1. Log into your Google Reader account and go to Reader Settings (bubble 1 in the below screen.
  2. Click on the “Export your subscriptions as an OPML File” link (bubble 2). This will download your reader subscriptions in an XML.1ReaderImport
  3. Open Thunderbird client and go to Account Settings (Tools –> Account Settings).2AccountThunderbird
  4. From the “Account Actions” (see screen 3 below) select “Add Other Account” option. Follow the wizard and complete the setup (its kind of generic, nothing specific you need to do here). We will import the feeds once this step is complete.3AddAccount
  5. After you have completed step 4, you will see the “Blogs & News Feeds” option in the right pane (refer image 4 – bubble 1 – below).
  6. Click  “Blogs & News Feeds” option in the left pane (bubble 1). Click “Manage Subscriptions” button (bubble 2).
  7. On the “Feed Subscriptions” popup click “Import” button (bubble 3). This should show you all your Google Reader feeds. Click “Add” button and you are done.4Blogs
  8. You might need to right click “Blogs and News Feeds” and select “Get Messages” once for the first time to retrieve feeds. Now you can navigate/read all your feeds in Thunderbird. 5FeedsInReader

Hope this helps somebody looking for this info. I am still looking for a way to sync/manage Google Reader feeds from within Thunderbird (like auto-sync read feeds from Reader to Thunderbird and vice versa). Feel free to drop by and write any comments or tips or a better way to achieve the same that you might be aware of).

Update [10/02/2011]: Here is a cheatsheet for Thunderbird keyboard commands you might find helpful: