WinFF Video Converter & Android

WinFF is a very nice video converter for Linux and Windows platform. This is just a quick post for those who are getting this error “Unknown encoder ‘libmp3lame'” when trying to convert a video. If you want to explore the tool head over to their website. They also have a very descriptive and well articulated repository of “HOW TO” documentation here.

Installing the libavcodec-extra package resolved the problem for me. Run the following command inĀ  Ubuntu terminal:
$ sudo apt-get install ffmpeg libavcodec-extra-52

I use this tool extensively for converting videos to play on my Android devices (Nexus One and Gtablet :))


Android browsers: HTML5 readiness test

While going through HTML5 specs, I came across an interesting website called “” that you can use to test how well your browser behaves and supports HTML5 specs (I know its still under construction).

Just for fun and curiosity I tried running the various browsers I use frequently on my Android tablet (gtablet) through “” and observe how well they behave with HTML5 contents. And below are the screens in their undisputed raw format straight out of my Nexus One camera:

  • Stock Android browser (Gingerbread stock): 182 + 1 bonus point
  • Dolphin Mini (v2): 182 + 6 bonus points
  • Opera Mobile (v11): 234 + 11 bonus points

For the curious ones, Firefox v4 running on my laptop scored 240 + 9 bonus points :).

Stock Browser:


Dolphin Mini:


Opera Mini:


Please Note: This exercise is in no way indicative of any browser related performance testing or any attempt to prove one browser is better than another. The idea was to run the website through the three browsers I use frequently on my android tablet (gtablet) and publish my findings. I tried being as generous as I could with the browser settings (like enabled everything, always load images, plugins enabled, etc).

A few caveats worth noting:

  • Not all the three browsers allow/provide all settings (like could not find any setting for enabling/disabling flash or plugin in Opera Mini)
  • Opera has a setting called “Opera Turbo”. I had it turned “OFF” (trying to play fair).
  • To know what all features are tested, head over to

Feel free to post your findings if you are using any other browser. Also I am not sure if these scores (“practically”) will vary for mobiles (vs Tablet).