Google Search from Firefox Address Bar

For all those (like me) who feel the SearchBar in Firefox is a bit redundant and that Firefox should have search feature inbuilt into its Addressbar itself (as in Chrome browser), there is a way. Follow the below steps and you can get rid of the extra Searchbar making better use of the real-estate available around the Address bar.



  1. In Firefox addressbar, type the command and hit enter: about:config
  2. Click, “I will be careful I promise” button. This kind of warning from Firefox since if we are going to touch some critical settings of Firefox.
  3. In the “Filter” field, type: keyword:URL
  4. Double Click the “keyword:URL” preference Name and enter this in the popup:
  5. Click OK and you are all set.


After the above setting if you feel that there is no use of the separate SearchBar in the tool, you can just right click Toolbar, select Customize and drag & drop the SearchBar from the Firefox window into the Customize Toolbar popup.


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