Another Way To Setup Vonage in your Home Network

I got my Vonage adapter shipped yesterday and hooked up the device (Vonage Adapter) as directed in the setup/user manual. But I was not happy with this configuration as it seemed to slow down my net connection (not sure if the device reserves some bandwidth for itself and leaves the remaining bandwidth for the other home devices (router, comp, laptop, etc).

Figure 1 shows the configuration as directed by the Vonage setup manual.


Figure 2 shows a typical home network setup in which Vonage is required to fit.


Figure 3 shows the best configuration that worked for me without slowing down my net connection and also without deteriorating the voice quality on Vonage.


Just note that there might be thousands of other configuration and setup based on the nature of the network and devices. Also maybe this setup that works perfectly for me, might not be suited for all.

Let me know your thoughts and the configurations that worked best for you.


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