See Real-time Weather Forecasts on your digital Photo Frame

Digital Photo-frames are cool gadgets with the basic (and mostly only) intention of showing the photos of your near and dear ones ones.

After hanging for months in the living room, my Kodak Ex-1011 WIFI photo frame suddenly seemed to me a bit boring. Though I used every single feature of this device, I wanted to do something more with it especially when it has the WIFI capability.

I googled and scrapped forums to figure out what else can be done with a digital photo frame, specifically with my model. Nothing conclusive !

I decided to use my digital photo frame as a weather forecast display device that could display the live weather information and a forecast of the next 7 days. I also did some research to figure out if the frame can be OS hacked so as be able to install some cool fun apps. Again no success here.

I finally decided to figure out a way myself to achieve this. After some more research I found that my photo frame (Kodak EX-1011) supports UPnP protocol :).

So I had the following tools in hand to begin with:

  1. A WIFI enabled digital photo frame that supports UPnP protocol
  2. My desktop (my HTPC, running Ubuntu) computer that keeps running 24×7
  3. A WIFI enabled network

With this toolset in my bag, I am now able to implement my solution. Below are some snapshots of my custom solution :). In my next post, I would explain the steps to build the solution.

Version 1 Version 2


6 thoughts on “See Real-time Weather Forecasts on your digital Photo Frame

  1. Very interesting. I have one of these same frames sitting in the living room and would like to try this. Please post the instructions when you can.

  2. Thanks Jules for your comments.
    I did not post the instructions/code as the work is still in progress. But I would post the instructions that will at least help to get the above results 🙂 so that other’s can start working on the top of it.
    Some of the implementations I am working on currently are:
    – sound an alert for a “Severe weather condition”
    – Come up with a more intuitive screen/UI (I agree the above two versions are pretty crude)
    – etc.

    • i know this is a few years later 🙂 but am looking at doing something different with the EX1011 i have. any chance to post any update on this?



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