Custom Boxee Beta Live CD

Boxee is a solution for Home Theater Personal Computer (HTPC) with a pinch of Social Networking. I am not going to give an introduction and features of Boxee in this post (there are thousands of posts on this, just google it).

What I am going to do is to introduce you to my custom Boxee Beta Live CD (that contains pre-configured Boxee application with all the libs and modules required to run it). I have also installed the IR module (lirc) which works just out of the box with many of the Microsoft Certified IR remotes.

Just like other Live distros, you just need to download the iso from here (around 830 MB), burn it on a CD and boot your system using the CD. Once up and running, you will find Boxee application under Sound and Video –> Boxee menu. Just click Boxee and it should be launched.

You will notice that the size of this Live CD is even more than the size of complete Ubuntu Desktop CD. This is because, I decided to leave the Ubuntu packages as is to provide more flexibility of hardware and configurability. You can anyways shave off the packages that you don’t need later. Also you are most welcome to create a minimal Boxee Live CD running just Boxee and nothing else as we have with XBMC Live :).

After you install Live CD on your harddrive/pendrive, you can configure your Ubuntu to auto-start Boxee when it boots. To do that, just go to SystemPreferencesStartup Applications. Click Add and enter Boxee for the name and for the command enter /opt/boxee/run-boxee-desktop.

The main reason I did this was to see how Boxee performs in Ubuntu and now I am using this as my main Media Center Solution (though I switch to XBMC sometimes).

Please let me know if you find any issues in running Boxee with this Live CD distro.

Boxee Live Distro Download Link (iso):

Warning: Please use this distro at your own risk. The author does not take any responsibility for anything (good or bad) that results from my custom Distro CD. You’re following these instructions at your own risk. Make sure you get yourself well acquainted with how the Ubuntu Live CDs work without harming/modifying your current Hard disk installation.

Also note that this is a custom live distro created by me (on the top of latest Ubuntu distro (9.10, karmic Koala) with latest Boxee Beta from Boxee).

Preview of my desktop running Boxee Beta in Ubuntu: (Please excuse me for the poor quality of the below video, since I used my mobile to shoot it and upload on YouTube directly without any editing).


2 thoughts on “Custom Boxee Beta Live CD

  1. I was wondering if the Boxee live cd still works?I was going to try and put it on a small form factor pc i have and really like boxee.


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