Your Roomba Also Needs Cleaning !

I am a proud owner of IRobot Roomba 410 (not sure but I think IRobot has made this model obsolete). Its smart, less noisy and self sufficient in its duty. Roomba has been cleaning my home since 8 months now and if I remember correctly it did not give me a chance ever to complain except last week when it weirdly stopped after running for a couple of minutes. After this it became its usual behavior. No matter how much I charge it, how much I clean it, it used to run for 3-5 minutes and then come to a halt.

Google came to my rescue then. I found that the designers of Roomba did a great job in providing a set of beep code feature in their IRobots (yes I did not refer the Roomba manual initially but googled first instead).

My Roomba used to beep 3 times (after the “uh-oh” alarm 🙂 as the Roomba manual refers it) which means the Vacuum is not running properly.

After some googling I arrived at this post of johnnyzero did a good job in explaining how to clean Roomba’s Vacuum pot to fix this particular issue, my Roomba was in a bigger trouble. The Vacuum fanin the Vacuum pot was jammed with dust and garbage and was stuck. That means though Roomba used to creep a few meters its Vacuum pump was not running at all. Below are some of the screenshots to provide a glimpse of the internals.

Roomba P1040043 P1040044 P1040045

After I cleaned the vacuum pot and cleared the spindle of the hair, I assembled the parts again and now my roomba is running almost like a new piece.


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