Make Your Tux Loose Some Weight !

You can make your linux system shade some weight by using the “localepurge” script. It is a simple apt package ( yes you can install this with a single liner apt-get install command ) that removes unneeded locale files and localized linux man ( help ) files that you are never guaranteed to read ( why would you ever want to read a Japanese man file/instruction if you are an English ? or vice versa).

Linux installation by default copies some files as generic without considering your locale specific preferences ( i don’t blame anybody for this, its just how it is ). This script/library helps you to automate the process of removing all those unneeded locale specific files that are almost harmless in any case to remove (do it at your own risk, go through the manual pages for this script before experimenting as once run changes can’t be undone)

Too much of talk, install this script using apt-get command:

sudo apt-get install localepurge

During the install itself, you will be presented with a dialog window to select your locale (select your two char coded locale, eg: “en” for English, etc). Hit “Tab” key to jump on OK and hit “Enter”. It will then run the scan and remove the unneeded files.
Once done it will silently exit displaying “Setting up localepurge (x.x.x.x..) …”

To know how much junk it cleaned up, simply run this command:

sudo localepurge

It showed 30MB for me which means my system shed an extra fat of 30MB 🙂

Tip: Install this script once and then onwards it will take care of removing the new locale specific files for any new software that you ever install. Yes :), thats’ right, it will run automatically whenever you install a new application.


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