IPhone: Create ringtones of your choice !

A couple of days back I gifted an IPhone to Surabhi (my better half ) on her birthday. Although it was gifted to her but it stayed with me till midnight. I spared it after it said it could no more quench my thirst of playing with new gadgets and requires a recharge.

Frankly speaking I am biased against Apple and its products. No flames please (it’s my personal opinion) , one of the major reasons being Apple’s deaf ear towards Open Source world. Anyways, I was totally amazed by this little gadget (though not as little as it sounds, its a pocket super computer). Hats off to Apple.

After a couple of days, I felt like setting custom ringtones in the IPhone as I was bored of the default ringtones that ship with the set. I tried a couple of ways to set my own custom ringtones but no luck. Itunes (this is another reason why I don’t like Apple, I find Itunes tricky to operate an a kind of overhead if you simply want to copy some songs on your IPod and listen to them) always complained that the media I am trying to convert to ringtone is not purchased from ITunes Store/App Store. Now this was hard to digest for me. I own the gadget, it has a feature and I cant’ access it just because I have not purchased a song from Itunes store.

I tried a couple of hacks but no use. Then I got to know from one of my friends (Rochan who is a recent IPhone fan) how to setup custom ringtones in IPhone. He gave me a demo of how to create a ringtone of your choice and set it in Iphone. Although you can find a number of ways (commercial and ad-ware tools to do this but there is nothing like doing it manually). You can also find lots of references and articles on how to create ringtones manually if you google for it. I just thought to jot it down so that others can take benefit out of it (and also I can refer the steps if I again need to create custom ringtones in future. I bet I will forget these steps, although the steps required to create the ringtones are not complicated but are required to be followed in a specific order.

I am a firm believer of learning by doing. So let’s start with creating a ringtone right from scratch. Although I am not sure if this will work for other Iphone models but it works for IPhone 3GS modal.

Step 1: Select a song of your choice. Download it on your system. Make sure it is in mp3 format. For example I downloaded “Yejo Des Hai (Swades) @ Mp3HunGama.Com.mp3″ from phulki.com

Step 2: Import the song in Itunes Music library.

Step 3: Play the song in iTunes/any player (almost all the players today have this feature) that shows the time elapsed while playing songs. Take a note of the start time exactly when you want your ringtone to start. I want the ringtone to begin from a time that is 0:48 seconds past the original song (as shown in the image below just after the “iTunes” title bar).

Img 1

Img 1

Step 4: Right click the song in iTunes and select “Get Info” option (Img 1). This will launch the Song Summary window. Navigate to “Info” tab. Rename the song to whatever name you want and append “Ring Tone” at the end (Img 2) . Note: Make sure you append the Ring Tone string at the end only and there is a space between the song name and Ring and Tone and also the letters in Ring Tone is case sensitive. I am not sure if you will be able to create a ringtone successfully or not if you don’t apply the  above note.

Img 2

Img 2

Step 5: Navigate to the “Options” tab and set the “Start Time:” as the time (in seconds) when you want your ringtone to start from. For example as explained in Step 3, I have this time noted as 0:48 sec. Add 30 seconds (exactly 30 seconds) to the above time and put that as the “Stop Time:” (Img 3). Hit “OK” and you are done with your ringtone trimming.

Img 3

Img 3

Step 6: On the iTunes window, right click on the song and select “Create AAC Version” (Img 4). Once the aac version of the song is created, you will see one new file created in the iTunes. One is the original song that you had begin with and another one is the aac version of the file with song duration as 30 secs. (Img 5).

Img 4

Img 4

Img 5

Img 5

Step 7: Right Click on the ringtone file and copy it. Paste it somewhere outside of iTunes. For example I copy it on my desktop. The file is in “.m4a” format. We just need to rename it to “.m4r” format. If you have configured your Windows Explorer to show the known file extensions then its quick. Just rename your file type from m4a to m4r and you are done. Else you can rename it using Windows command prompt.

Step 8: After you have renamed the file to m4r, import it again to iTunes. You can do that by simply drag-dropping the file from explorer to iTunes window. After that click on the “Ringtones” icon in the Library section on the upper-left side of the iTunes window and guess what… :). YOU HAVE CREATED YOUR OWN RINGTONE FOR YOUR IPHONE. Sync iTunes Ringtone folder with your Iphone and you will find this ringtone into your IPhone.

Your feedback and suggestions are welcome.


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