Purify your JavaScript Code

Very often JavaScript code is made sloppy as a result of bad programming practices resulting in substandard code quality. JavaScript’s sloppiness nature has been criticized many times and has been exploited in such a bad way that it makes the code un-readable and hard to maintain after sometime.

JSLint is a small, free web tool (a htm/js file basically) that lets you validate your JavaScript code against the commob errors (like typo mistakes, syntactical errors, corss-browser compatibility of your code, ). As usual (with code verifier for other languages), this tool will not help you in finding out the logical errors in your code.

JSLint is a static JavaScript code verifier and comes with both online and offline interfaces. So if you want just to try as how this tool performs against your code, just go ahead and paste your JS code in the text area on its homepage. Alternately you can save this web-page on your local system and use it offline to scan against the code.

It’s main features are:

  • It’s small, quick and free
  • Static Analysis of JavaScript code
  • Easily configurable and customizable for the type of scanning you want to do.
  • Supports extendability

Go ahead and try out this tool yourself.

Refer the below screenshots of the tool for a preview:

jslint1 jslreport


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