GVideo: Gmail becomes more mature

Google has incorporated Voice and Video features to its text chat inside the GMail application. Now you can talk and also watch the video of the person with whom you are chatting (provided he has got a webcam, for Video Chat and a microphone for Voice Chat). The same rule applies to the other end also.

gmailvideochat chatwindow

To enable voice and video chat in Gmail, you need to install an ActiveX component for the browser.

Please note:

  • GTalk is still ignorant of this enhancement to Gmail. May be the future releases of Gtalk contain the Video chat feature.
  • Currently only Windows OS (Windows XP or later) supports this feature.
  • You need to have running ActiveX control enabled inside your browser.
  • Supports majority of browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome). Did not test other browsers.

After installing the plugin, click on “Video & more” option at the bottom of your chat window (if you are already text chatting with someone, else click on a contact to bring the Gmail Chat window) and select “Start Video Chat“. This will start making a call to the contact person. As soon as the person accepts your call, your video will be launched in a small window (as shown above in the screenshot). Simultaneously you will be able to see your thumbnail view also in the same window (use this to make sure you are in complete view of the webcam.

Check out this video for live demo:

How to Use Gmail : Using Chat in Gmail


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