Ubuntu: Not Just Another Linux Variant

According to Wiki, there are atleast 86 variants (distributions) of Linux Operating Systems floating in the software market today.

The below diagram shows a small percentage of them all available:

Fig-1: Linux Variants
Each of these distros have their own philosophy and their own motives and are more directed towards a specific domain:

  • Advanced Server Side Features (Enterprise)
  • User Friendliness and ease of operation (Home Usage)
  • Programming Features
  • Secured
  • Designed for Server/ Desktop/ Laptop/ Mobile Devices, etc

Ubuntu is one of those Linux variants that aims towards providing an up-to-date, stable operating system for average users with a strong focus on usability and ease of installation. Ubuntu has been rated as the most popular Linux Distro for desktop claiming around 30% of desktop Linux installations worldwide. It is not a direct Linux variant but is basically a derivative of Debian Linux Distro.

Ubuntu CD/ Online Installation comes with a vast library of pre-installed software and tools. The below diagram shows a glimpse of a few software available on Ubuntu platform:

Fig-2: Ubuntu Features

Today, Ubuntu is so famous that the experts could not stop themselves from taking it to another level by customizing it further for their specific needs and consequently we now have the following variants of Ubuntu present:

Fig-3 Ubuntu Variants

Some Screen Shots from my desktop:
[I am on this system right now]

WindowEffects WindowEffects2
Window Effects 1 Window Effects 2
DockToolbar PageFlow View
Object Dock (Awn Manager) Page Flow Window Navigation
Running Skype picasa
Running Skype Running Picasa
Running Gimp

Ubuntu is one of the best Linux Distros available today for the home users that features almost all the applications and tools needed to get the daily work done. The frequent patches and updates keeps ensured that the system stays up to date.

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